The Purr-fect Cat Shelter has been chosen by Especially for Pets in Medway to partner in their program called Especially for Pets in the Community: The Adoption Initiative. We are grateful to Especially for Pets for the opportunity to partner with them to help homeless cats and kittens find their forever homes.

In 2006, Especially for Pets instituted the program where they partner with local non-profits and rescue organizations to promote pets available for adoption as well as to raise awareness about the work being done in the rescue community. In 2012, they collected over $8,000 in product and donations for local non-profits as a result of this program.

Especially for Pets, an independent pet supply retailer with seven locations in Massachusetts, is committed to educating their customers and making a difference in their communities. Dedicated to responsible pet care, their retail stores serve as venues for teaching and educating the public. As a company, they recognize their responsibility to contribute to the solution of the problem of homeless and abandoned animals.

Support The Purr-fect Cat Shelter by visiting the Medway store at Medway Commons and help us by donating items from our wish list. If you are interested in adopting, check out the Adoption Board and please come visit us at Informational Days at the Medway store listed on our calendar.