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What you need to know about FIV

  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), also know as feline AIDS, is a virus that may eventually suppress the immune system of the carrier animal.
  • FIV is spread through blood to blood or saliva to blood contact. The primary means of spreading this virus is through deep bite wounds, as the virus must directly enter the bloodstream in order to potentially infect the other cat. Everyday activities such as sharing food bowls and litter boxes or mutual grooming will not transmit the virus.
  • Between 60-70% of the adult cat community has a natural immunity to the virus.
  • FIV is not contagious to people, dogs, or other non-feline pets.
  • There is no vaccine or cure for FIV, but 90% of positive testing cats will lead long, healthy, normal lives if they are well loved and well cared for.