The “Molly & Hailey” Fund


The “Molly & Hailey” Fund was established in 2013 when within a few short weeks The Purr-fect Cat Shelter took in two very darling cats,

each a stray, and each with a very serious medical issue.


Little "Molly" had obvious eye issues when rescued in which a Veterinary Ophthalmologist determined one eye had normal vision but the

other eye has no vision at all and a diseased retina. Unfortunately, because of the diseased retina, surgery to remove the eye is necessary.

Molly adjusted wonderfully to only having sight in one eye and enjoys her time playing and being pampered by the volunteers at the shelter

while she awaits her new family.









 Molly before surgery                        Molly after surgery


"Hailey" was found dragging her front right leg to the point of a raw wound on the foreleg. She also had skin gone from her chin exposing

her lower jaw. Her Veterinarian had determined her little leg had severe nerve damage with no hope of regaining the use of the leg. Surgery

to amputate her gave her freedom of movement and to go on to be adopted and is living the good life!







                                                           Hailey before surgery              Hailey after surgery


The generous support to our plea for help with both these surgeries was tremendous. We were able to financially cover the surgeries without

 having to take from the general fund that is used for the everyday necessities to care for the cats and kittens currently at the shelter waiting

 adoption. In honor of these two remarkable cats, we are keeping the “Molly & Hailey” Fund active so that other cats rescued in need of

special care can be treated. Donations to the “Molly & Hailey” Fund will help insure that cats we rescue who are in need of extra special

medical attention have the opportunity to get the care they need and deserve.


We are currently seeking help with surgery for a kitten, “Trooper”, who was diagnosed with Pectus Excavatum or also known as “funnel chest”.

Please consider a donation to the “Molly & Hailey” Fund and help give this little guy a chance at a normal life. Read “Trooper’s” story here.