What to do when you've lost your pet.



Shenanigan (answers to "Nanny") is an 8-year-old gray domestic short-haired neutered male with white face, chest and paws, weighing about 14 lbs. Wearing a Soresto collar. A bit skittish, but likes people.

Last seen on Monday September 25, 2017 at Dunster Road, Holliston, MA. If you think you've seen this pet, please call 774-233-0477 or email captainjohn2007@aol.com. Reward offered.



Strongbow is a 4-year old, large, grey, 13-pound tabby male, who escaped out on Pond Street, Franklin on September 17, 2017. He will not answer if called but may respond to a treat bag being shaken. Please contact Becky at (774)235-5263 or Devin at (508) 530-1630 if you have any info.


Juliet is a six year old spayed female missing from 10 Slocumb place, Medway, since 9-10. She is an indoor/outdoor cat very friendly with people. Please contact me and share me info if anyone has seen her. 774-291-1262/ Call or text


Jeffy's 5 yrs old, about 12 lbs. Has longer fur, fluffy from red to blond. Very sweet. Missing from 10 Forge Hill Rd, Franklin on 8/7. Contact Maureen 508-446-5529.


Jasper's 7 years old, 10 lbs, Orange white markings white paws. Not friendly. Missing from 10 Forge Hill Rd, Franklin on 8/7. Contact Maureen 508-446-5529.

Missing from Oakland Street in Franklin. He's 9 year's old & weighed 15 lbs. Please call Laurie at 508-369-7025


Smokey is a neutered 12 year old long-hair gray cat, about 18 pounds with a crinkled left ear. He has been missing since July 30, 2017 from the Wethersfield area of Bellingham. Please call 508-954-7678 with any information.


We are missing our 8 year old black cat, Blackie is a petite female (8lb) missing since July 30 from Morningside Dr. in Dover. She is very gentle and friendly and has a pink collar and blue flower tag information on the tag. Call 617.393.0224 with any information.


Tiger is a neutered short-medium haired domestic male Tiger cat. He is an indoor house cat with no front claws who is very friendly. He was lost near Parliament Drive Franklin, MA on July 6th, 2017. If found call 781-844-5565 - If we could not answer your call at that time PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE!!!!.


Takkun is an 11 year old neutered male missing since November 25 2016 from 70 Grove Street in Millis, Please call Claudia at 508 838 9905 or 508 794 1315


Chloe is a Persian Himalayan Tabby missing since July 2016 from 33 Old Town Road, Walpole. Please call the Snyder family if you find her: 781-424-6915, 617-365-2421, 781-237-9518


George is a 14 year old, male tiger cat, who is neutered. He has a scar on his nose. He was last seen in Pilgrim Village in Bellngham on November 2, 2015. He is diabetic and requires insulin. Any information would be greatly appreciated, call Michele, 508-244-9943. Thank you!


Last Seen Thursday, 10/22/15 on Locust St, Holiston. Please call Mike or Sue at 508-428-8319 if you have any information.


Phoenix is a petite (9 lb.) female gray tiger, age 10. She tends to be shy around strangers, but may respond to a lure of canned food and a ‘KITty KITty!’ call. She was last seen on Prospect St. Franklin on Sept 30, 2015. A reward is offered for her return. Please contact Bob at bpercy@egenera.com or 774-571-7758 if you have any sightings or other info. Thanks!


Buffy is an 8 year old, all-white tabby with green eyes and is on the pudgy side. She went missing 9/30/15 from 71 Holliston Street, Medway. She is very friendly but very shy and will most likely run from anyone. Reward is offered for her return. Please contact Becky if you have any information: 774-277-2480 or beckytea@verizon.net.


Nacho, a 2 year-old orange tabby/Maine Coon cat is missing from 43 Brook Street in Medfield since September 20, 2015. He is a lifelong indoor cat and not familiar with this area. Nacho is a big boy with orange and white long fur, orange eyes and tufted ears. He has a big fluffy orange tail and Maine Coon coat patterns, and is very social and affectionate. He is not wearing his collar and is not microchipped. I am more than happy to offer a $$$ reward for his return. Any tips or sightings are much appreciated. I am desperate to have him back. Please help spread the word! Maddie, 774.291.9032.


Cuda, about 3 years old female Bengal tiger brown with black stripes and spots with black and white tail she has a brown mark on one toe on her back right paw. Missing since 8/18/15 from 108 Lovering St., Medway - not micro chipped, very friendly. You can contact Ashley at any time at 508-479-8846


Liger, 5 yrs old, 15.5 lbs, tabby/tiger, neutered male, mostly grey with some brown esp on his belly. Missing Aug 1, 2015 from Maple Brook condos off of South Maple St, Bellingham. Contact Kurt at 401-742-4132 or 617-529-4776.


Cassie, 7 years old missing since June 19, 2015. Cassie, she is approximately 7 years old. She is about 13 lbs so not a petite cat. She has no identification on her. She is very shy so is unlikely to approach strangers. She was last seen in the Oakland Parkway neighborhood of Franklin. Contact Laurie Healey, 508-369-7025.


Patrick has been missing from 47 Elm Street in Franklin since 5/12/15. He is an 11-year old orange tabby cat with double paws. He is an indoor cat but as soon as the weather gets warm and the windows start opening up he loves to sit in them. He also tries to sneak out and this time he succeeded. He is a very friendly cat with a deep purr. Please contact Barbara at 774-571-5066 with any information.


Hunter went missing from Butler Rd Area in Mendon on February 2, 2015; he snuck out. He is extremely friendly thinks he’s a dog and would walk up to anyone. Please contact Margaret at margaret.hartwig@comcast.net or 508-451-9279 with any information.


This is Mo (or Mowgli), who is missing from Metacomet Lane in Franklin (close to both the Wrentham and Norfolk lines) since August 2014. He is a 7-yr old, 15-kb ragdoll cat, who is very friendly and will interact with everyone he crosses paths with. I can be reached at 508-528-5073.


This is “Max” domestic long hair He has been missing since very late on July 18, 2014 from the Franklin Area. Contact info: Jonelle McGrath, 508-528-7693


Lucy has been missing from Lockewood Drive in Franklin since the beginning of June, 2014. She is a orange and black torti about 6 years old. She may or may not still have her collar on and she is chipped and registered as missing. If anyone contacts you about a stray with this description, could you please let me know asap at 617-733-7069.


"Amelia", gray, 4 years old, spayed female. Last seen 3/12/14 in the area of Congress St. Milford. Contact 508-473-8636 if found.


Buffy, 12 years old missing since January 7, 2014. Petite, 10lbs or less. Primarily black and grey coat with a white chest, nose, and paws with small random patches of light orange. Light green eyes. Wearing a flea/tick collar. She responds to "tictictic" tongue noises and "kitty, kitty, kitty". Contact Jessica Burks, 508-308-5390, 41 North St, Norfolk, MA 02056.