Volunteer Opportunities

Various opportunities exist to volunteer with a great group of individuals. Becoming a Foster Care Provider, answering the Shelter Message Center calls, working with the cats at the facility, working on a fund-raiser or staffing the PCS booth at an event are just a few of the ways you can help. You can print out and mail the following form for more information.

We need cat caregiver volunteers!!! We are looking for people close to Millis/Medway/Franklin/Bellingham or surrounding areas. Please help!

If you would like to volunteer with PCS, please fill out one of the following forms:

  • Volunteer Form* - for any other volunteer position other than working with the cats (such as help with Foster Care, PetWalk, Yard Sale, Bake Sale, Event Booths, Cat Transportation, Publicity/Newsletter Committee, Clerical, Supplies/Donations pick-up, Handyperson, or some other talent you think could help PCS).
    Volunteer form as a Word document here: Volunteer_Application.doc)
  • Cat Caregiver Volunteer Form* - for working directly with the cats.
    Cat Caregiver Volunteer form as a Word document here: Volunteer_Cat_Caregiver.doc)

    Volunteer Spotlight!

    *You will need the free browser from Adobe to view the forms: . Click on the image to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.